Here is the thing about 5G that you should know

Hello everyone, we all know that the technology is rapidly increasing. Though I still remember the times when I was using 2G network and 3G network was considered very fast. Time passed pretty quickly and today we are using 4G in our everyday lives. Today’s generation don’t know the hassle when you have to play YouTube videos on 240p video quality settings.

Now the research companies like 3GPP, ETSI, etc, had invested lots of money in the research of 5G Network.

What is 5G network

5G is a terms referred to Fifth Generation. It is more of a addition to the previously running 4G, also known as fourth generation. The main technology behind the cellular is the bandwidth and when we talk about 5G internet, it means bigger bandwidth and faster internet speed. So now you can download your favorite movies and songs much faster.

When will it be launched?

This technology had been already launched in some developed countries. However, the availability of 5G to the general public will take some time because it is still in its testing phase. It is estimated that this technology will rapidly hit the market in 2020. Varizon, a famous company of USA has started to supply 5G network in USA, but the availability is still in some limited areas.

Should I be worried about 5G?

There are many conflicts to the idea of bringing the new generation of internet in the market. Dr. L. Hardell, professor at Oncology at Orebro University in Sweden. He says that the telecommunication industry is trying to bring new technology into the market without doing the proper testing. He claims that the radiation affect of the new bandwidth will be severe and could be fatal. It has been already observed that current radiation level is on the edge and some species of animals e.g. Birds are getting affected by the radiation.

Birds have inbuilt compass which enabled them to communicated vast distances without the need of Google Maps. In some research, it has been concluded that the the radiation from the mobile towers are affecting the birds magnetic orientation. This results in birds getting separated from fellow group, which is also called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Due to radiation from towers, birds are unable to commute back home.

Final Words

No doubt that 5G might bring lots of fun in our daily lives. We would be able to download files faster and stream non-stop. But here is my Question. Are you sure we really need 5G? Do you think 5G is necessity of this world? Do you think 5G will not affect our health? Or is it just a race between countries trying to get the first hands on 5G. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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