When Programming enters your life!!! Watch Out!

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I have seen people talking about programming as something superhuman. Majority of people today believes that programming is too hard to learn. It is not their fault, I have seen lots of videos on internet where a person would be just randomly hitting the keyboard and booo….. next moment the software is ready.

Well I assure you that, this isn’t the case

What actually is Programming???

Programming in simple term is the way of narrating the computer what to do. If you break down programming, it is the collection of instruction. These instruction work together and form the shape of a software. E.g. if you would like to make a car. You would have to work on individual compartments of the car like frame, Tyre, Motor, etc. All this compartments have been given individual instruction. However, when you put everything together, it will form a car. This is how Software is made, just put all pieces of instruction together and it becomes the software.

How to learn programming and should you really do???

Well the answer to this question varies, but generally speaking. Programming is the way of life, I recommend everyone should learn to code at some point in his/her life. Because it helps people understand how life works. You found a problem?? Well work and figure it out. You think you can run life without solving problems in your life?? Well, be ready for your life’s software to crash. One click for which you are not prepared and the consequences can be severe.

If we talk about how to learn programming and is it really worth it?.. The simple and straight answer would be ‘Yes’. How will you learn?.. I would not recommend to go and spend $19.99 on some packages sold online. Talking about my personal experience, education is freely available everywhere and we just have to find the right source. Youtube is a great platform for those who are comfortable in learning visually. I have met many people who just can’t read long tutorials to learn something. So, Youtube would be your best bet. However, if you are a good reader, there are tons of books available in the market for any programming language you want to learn.

You are stuck?? Go debugging!!

Programming is all about finding the problems and solving it. If you love to solve problems, programming would be your best bet and you can count to become a developer in your professional life. But, if you are a person who believes not to sit for 7-8 hours a day looking at your computer, this is definitely not your best bet to be.

Thanks everyone, I hope you like it. Please support me and subscribe. Do give me suggestions.

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