My happiness depends on you!!!!!!!!!

We all want to be happy in our life and we all find different sources to stay happy. What if I tell you, that you just need a phone to stay happy???.. Well this topic is pretty debatable, but if you truly want happiness in your life, please do read this all.

Nowadays, if you have a phone or any other gadget. You are happy!!!!!… Well that’s the way your world work. Children nowadays are growing in an era where having an expensive phone is a trend. If you don’t have an Iphone….. we will call you a loser. This mentality had came to the mind of the children because they follow Us!

Are we addicted!??

I will show you how much addicted we are. When we wake up in the morning.. what’s the first thing we do??…. Of course we check our phones. Then we will drag our-self to the toilet, but with a phone in our hands, just so we don’t get bored. Then we will make our breakfast and eat it while watching Youtube, and then we go to the work. What we do in the metro??.. We chat.. Ofcourse, and we make sure we don’t get bored. Now, you reach your office, you go to your cabin and sits in front of the computer by keeping our phones in front of our sight. Then after finishing up we go to the metro again and with a phone of course, and when we reach home, you open up the social media session.

Now, i would just ask you some questions..

  1. Are we going in the right track?
  2. Where do you think you will be in 5 years with this routine?
  3. Are you playing with your health?
  4. Do you think you are compromising your family over technology?
  5. Are you really happy????

We might pretend we are happy with out Iphone Max. But when you don’t have family and friends. Your phone will not give you affection. We have to understand that all these gadgets are just a machine. Smartphones are the biggest discovery of science yet a big disaster as well. We are now substituting people with Apps, happiness with Likes on social media , and love with brands. I am not criticizing technology, but it is our responsibility on how to use it.

What is true happiness then??

The purpose of this article is to find your inner self. We should not be counting how many followers I have on Instagram, but we should be counting how many true friends I have gained. Trust me with my words, the Iphone you have will get old next year and new one will be launched. True relationship will never get old. Due to our addictions, we are not able to see the beauty of this world. You can just make 1 true friend and you will be happy throughout your life. But gaining 1 millions followers on Social media will give you nothing but a happiness in your fake world.

True happiness is when your partner says you Good Morning every morning before your phone wakes you up. True happiness is when using the technology to call your girlfriend who lives thousands of miles away from you and still she loves you the same. So, learn to create trust between your friends and family. Your phone will only help you to create huge followers, but when you are in a state of emergency…. WHO WOULD BE THERE TO STAND BY YOU????

Please do watch this video below.


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