Success Vs You! How to be successful.

Success is not something you can buy. It’s a same thing as respect, you can’t ask for it, but you have to earn it. It you are someone who believes that he is on the wrong track or someone who don’t know where to start. Follow through the blog and I assure you, after reading this you have your base ready on where you can start working.

What actually is Success?

Success is not a physical, chemical or visible object. It’s just the feeling of a person being fulfilled. In other words, you are the person who decides what success is for you. E.g. for a beggar, success would be earning enough money to buy a house and live a comfortable life, whether he don’t own a luxury goods but he and his family can live a satisfactory life. Now, if you put these same conditions to someone who already have a house, that does not mean he/she is successful. He might be going after a promotion at his job or building his own business, that would be a success for him. For me, success is to influence other people positively and marry my girl along with a stabilized income. So, success varies from person to person.

How me be Successful in your life?

If you truly want to be successful, you have to be serious about it. Look, it is very easy in life to be comfortable with yourself, and you must remember, comfort is no. 1 enemy of success. If someone ask you how is your life going?? and you respond like this….. “Yeah, its fine just the usual day. I just can’t wait for the weekends”. You certainly are missing what life is all about. If you want to fulfill your dreams and ambitions follow along with my top 5 rules.

Before I get into these so called rules, remember there is no rule for success but some paths which I am going to discuss below.

1- Learn to push yourself.

Now I get it, you don’t want to cook food yet, or that TV remote is too far away. But if you look at successful people, they have certain habits which they had practiced over many years. As Jim Rohn said;

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

by Jim Rohn

You must push yourself and ditch that procrastination you have been holding for many years. You wake up in the morning and you know you have some tasks to do today. Finish that first, you might feel demotivated at first to even start, but this will become a habit overtime. You will find yourself doing all the activities you hate with ease. So, always push yourself and your mind will accompany you along your way.

2- Know what works best for you.

I get you that you might don’t want wake up at 4 am in the morning as ‘Tim Cook’ (CEO of Apple) does. So, you have to find a way that best for you. You must know where you should be doing some adjustments in your life. You don’t want to keep working like a robot. So, if you feel like 5 am is too early then wake up at 6 am. If you think that the project is too tough to do then ask for a help from your colleague , and if you think that the work is getting too overwhelming, take a day off.

Remember you have to work with your mind and body, not against it. Doing small adjustments into your life can help you stay motivated, energetic and positive towards your goals.

3- Have a clear goal in your mind.

When you have a clear vision. You will automatically be attracted to it and you can’t resist yourself from working hard to make it a reality. I had met many people who talks like this….. “I can do ‘this’.. I can do ‘that’ too, but I don’t know where to use these skills”. So, set a goal, make a vision for it. A clear vision is crucial step towards your goals. Have a vision which defines you and your future.

How to have a clear vision?

Having a clear might be a skeptical thought. But trust me its achievable. First, make sure you are relaxed and sit down and write all your strengths and weaknesses you have. Then imagine a life where you will use all these strengths. Imaging yourself dumping down each hurdle that comes into your way. Be absolutely sure what you want to achieve in your life. There are many people that I had met who says I will try this job but if I don’t get it than i will do that job… This type of thinking will only bring complications in your life. Set one goal and keep thinking about it and be absolutely sure you will achieve it one day.

Practice and make your vision stronger and more clearer. You will start to feel the energy in your body increasing and you will be able to solve problems much easier.

4- Start small and climb your way up.

One of the biggest mistake that I find in people these days is that they expect to win the world in just a month. Remember that success is a pace game. Set your pace and keep moving. Always set small goals which are achievable within months. and remember to think big but start small.

The journey of thousand miles starts from a single step.

Whenever you set impractical goals, it is inevitable that you will fail to achieve them. When you fail you will start to lose confidence thus quitting it. So, it is very important to start small and work your way up.

5- Persistence is the key to success.

This is the most important point to practice. Persistence is a key which will help you to achieve your goals. Most of the people these days lack this vital personality trait, which results in failure. People usually try something for some days or week and even months, but if they don’t see a result, they will stop trying. So do something you are passionate about and never stop trying. Remember, big goals are not achievable in weeks or months, just keep trying

If something was easy. Everything would be doing it.

So, success is not easy game, but being persistence towards your efforts will surely grant you the success.

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