Have you own Standalone software

Today having you working software is a need. If you are looking to own your own working software then don’t hesitate to contact me. I will make your software which fulfills all the criteria you need.

If you are a company who needs to have a working software, I am experienced with software development. The software which I make are bug-free and responsive. I am sure you won’t be disappointed with me.

About me

Let me introduce myself first. I am an IT orientated person who has a great aspiration for life. I love to tackle problems heads on and I thrive under pressure. I have a different way of thinking and I know how to see both sides. IT was my passion from a very early stage of my life and now I am changing it as my profession. I am a self-taught programmer and I have done a Diploma in Technical Support and Diploma in Systems Administration. My vision is my power and I am looking forward for my vision to be utilized.

How will I make your software?

I use the .NET framework to make most of the project. If you are looking for standalone software, I will simply create you one using C#.NET.

What is C#

C# is a high-level programming language which is widely used today. I personally prefer to use this language because I am very comfortable with it. However, I can use Java too but C# is a good company with .NET framework

Where all your data will be stored?

For databases, I use SQL server which is an inbuilt feature of .NET. This server is widely used by almost most programmers today. I strongly suggest you have SQL as your database. However, if your software does not include a database. Sweet as.

Who am I targeting?

Let’s be clear here, I am working part-time for my survival. But I am a great passion for IT, so I want to practice my skills. So, if you are a big company who wants a complex software. I am a bad choice (In fact if you are a big company you won’t even bother considering me. But, just in case). I want clients who want software’s that will not take too long to complete. However, I am hella good at programming 🙂


  • You will have to send me all your requirement and what your software will do. Send it me via email.
  • The software I will make is standalone software, no servers involved.
  • If you have specific looks that you want to give to your software. Send it to me the photos of it.
  • I am not a company but a freelancer who is practicing his skills.
  • I don’t want to spend a huge amount of my time working on a single project, so, if you want a software that uses a server. Then I am not interested.

Contact details

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanveer-singh-rajpal-472867160/
Email Id – tanveersrajpal@gmail.com

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