Microsoft HoloLens. A different approach

You might have already heard about Microsoft’s innovations. In the year 2008, Microsoft invested $8.1 billion dollars in R&D (Research and Development), which had increased to 14.7 billion dollars according to Microsoft annual report 2017. They constantly make and innovate different ideas and put them into reality. Microsoft Hololens 2 is what is believed to be the future.

What is HoloLens 2?

HoloLens 2 is the new version of their previous model of HoloLens. This is a type of glasses that take you to a rather technical advance world. When you wear these glasses you are able to see third-dimensional holograms that could be touched by hand. It allows you to hear 3D sounds and the fun part is that you can move those holograms the way you want by using your fingers. It allows you to see 3D moving objects into your 360 life, which makes these glasses an innovation.

What these glasses are used for?

There is no single answer for that but there are varies methods by which these glasses can or are being used. Different industries use this product for education which includes surgeries, and many other education systems. This glass enables effective learning especially targeted for the visual learner. These glasses can be used to improve some difficult skills without the need of real objects.

Business & HoloLens 2

This newer version of HoloLens 2 is targeted for business purpose. The idea behind this is that it can be used for conference or meetings. If some business owner wants to do a presentation in front of employees of different companies. They can use these glasses to physically see the hologram of the person doing a presentation.

Breaking language barrier!

Now if someone wants to do a presentation in a different language. This HoloLens 2 have smart language translator. You can speak in English and it will automatically translate it and speak with a similar voice tone for the speaker, making it a smart and effective device.


Microsoft is putting the effort into making today’s world technically advance. HoloLens 2 is clearly showing their vision to the world. This technologically advanced device has the potential to change the world. Imagine a world where a President of a country could communicate with the rest of the world with a visible shape right in front of them, along with different languages. Well. technology is surprising.


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