About Me

Hello, thanks for taking out few minutes of your life to read about me.


My name is Tanveer Singh Rajpal. I am originally from Nawanshahr, India. If I talk about my childhood, my parents was lovable and an idol for me. My passion for Technology was from the very beginning of my life, I was a honest, humble and curious person.

When I passed my Senior Secondary examination. I wanted to go abroad for higher studies. I chose USA as my destination. To fulfill my dream I had to give TOEFL exam (Test Of English Foreign Language). I had no idea what to expect in this examination. My English was good at that time but needed some essential practice to have a fluency. I booked the TOEFL coaching center in ‘Chandigarh, Punjab, India’. I paid them Rs 15000 or $300 NZD. So, now I was determined to attend these classes. It was 100 Km from my house and I driving by car or motorbike was not a practical solution. So I used to drive my bike to the bus stand and park there. Then I will wait for a bus to go to Chandigarh. Now the thing was that the bus will not drop me to place where I wanted to go, all the buses going to Chandigarh will stop at ‘Chandigarh Sector 43’ and from there I had to change a bus to go to ‘Sector 17’ (which is my destination sector). When I reach 17 sector I had to walk about 1.5 Km to my classes.

So, this was my routine for the next 1 month. I used to travel 6 hours a day to attend a 6 hour coaching class. Time passed pretty quickly and I learned some key things in that academy. Now, it was the day of my examination, I was excited, but nervous at the same time. I gave the exam and it was a disaster. I got so nervous while the exam that it affected my performance, I was crying my way home. I told my family that the exam was not favorable and my father and mother were not happy. Now the waiting begins. The result day came. It was 3 am in India when the result was to be uploaded. I opened the chrome and logged into my account worried. My score came out to be 91 out of 120. After all this waiting, I was finally relieved that I was not that bad.

We went to an agent and we applied to University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). I was so happy, so my father decided to take loan from the bank to pay the fee. I was the only student to get direct admission in ‘Software Programming’ course. Most of the students who applied had to go finish an English course first. Time went by, all my documents were ready and my interview was set to be for 27 June, 2016. At that time, my father was very ill. His both kidneys were not operational, so he was on dialysis 3 times a week. Unfortunately, I believe god did not wanted me to go to USA. So he took the life of my father on 25 June 2016, two days before my interview. My father was a great man and I am sure god will take care of my father. I was left my mother alone and a sister. I was broken. But my friends and family supported me. My father was a Govt teacher. So, my father’s colleague told me to apply for the job. It took me 8 months to do all the formality and finally I got the job. But, the job was not what I expected. It was way lower that what I would imagine to do. However, the staff at that school were so nice to me and they supported me at every step. After doing the job for 1 year. It was the time I realized that this can’t be my life. All my dreams which I had ever imagined were fading away, I could feel myself getting weak everyday. I discussed with my family and told them that this can’t be my future and I want to study further.

New Zealand is what came into my life at this moment. I called a agent at that very same night, and told him that I wanted to apply for study visa for New Zealand. Inside me I did not knew how would I do it. I don’t have a father, I did not have lots of money. Still I stepped forward and applied for a offer letter in Aspire2 International college in Auckland. I got the UOOP within 2 weeks. I was so excited and it was an amazing night. Next day I called the agent and asked for the further formalities. This was one of the most rough moments of my life. The agent told me to show 1.5 million Rupees in the bank account. We did not had the money. That day my mother decide to put our house on lease and get a study loan. We went to several banks, but no bank was willing to give a loan for Diploma. So, we came across a financial company. The company were willing to give the load on 14.5% interest per year. It was a lot but we had no choice. When the companies employee came to our house. He rejected our loan file by saying that the house of on our father name. So, here start the rough phase of my life. I go to court, meet advocates to transfer registry of the house to my mothers name. It took us 1 month to do all this, and I will never forget that one month. I was the most rough month of my life. I had to go through various stress and beg for help. I feel like I was a criminal who was asking for justice in front for a greedy judge. Some people treated my like crap, some showed my their superiority. I felt like leaving all my dreams and live at hope, I could not take it any more. The world felt like a living nightmare and people felt like unknown enemies.

Somehow, the loan was passed. I showed all the documents to the NZ embassy and got my visa. That day, I cannot describe that day to anyone, it would be waste of my time even trying to describe my feelings on that day. So, finally I came to New Zealand. Rest of my life is a mystery to me and I am still going.

Technology and my life

I used to have interest for the Technology pretty early in my life. Programming was always my focus. It was so fascinating that I could make computer do whatever I want it to. My vision was different from other students of my age.

When I came to New Zealand. I learned about the value of software development here. New Zealand was a fresh market with growing economy. It was not as vast as India, but it definitely values the talent. I learned HTML and CSS as my first programming language. I used to make website in Notepad++ and just be happy with that. But, my criosity to learn more never render me left still. I then learned C# as my first high-level language. I then learned to make software in .NET framework. Now it was the time that I was working on my first project. My first project was a calculator. I watched 4 hours video to learn about the basics of the C#. So, I used my basic knowledge to develop that calculator.

The photo of calculator I created

For me, creating this calculator was an huge achievement. I did not stopped there. I learned more about .NET C#, I was so engaged with the programming at this point that I decided to create my own game without looking for tutorials. So, I decided to make a Tik Tak game. It was bit of a challenge but I managed to create the game within 30 minutes.

This was the time I realised that I am getting the hold of programming pretty well. I mean its been only 2 days and today I created my own game. I was not that shocked because I am a fast learner. Still, having the power to create something entirely customized is an achievement for me. Then my girlfriend asked me to make a work game for her. So, this was what I made.

From there I learned about SQL servers. I learned how to store data on SQL and retrieve it on demand. Then I watched couple of videos on ‘How to create SQL connection in Visual Studio’. Then I learned that there is a inbuilt feature in Visual Studio which allows you to connect to the SQL server. So, I learned all the required C# codes to create the connection, save date, retrieve data, open and close the connection with SQL. I practically did it by creating an software in which I would fill in the student’s data e.g. Name, ID, Course, Phone No., Address. Then I would filter all the data according to its data type. I would then recall the data on demand using SQL codes.

From here I decided to move on and create my own software that would be the collection of everything that I learned. I decided to create an software, that would collection the data of the student e.g. Course, Grade, HSC completed, Degree completed, etc. Then the software would decide whether the student is eligible for admission or not based on the college’s standards. The college had their own area of the software which can be accessed only by entering username and password. There the college can set their standards and they can even change it whenever they want.

Start up page
Student page
Administration Page
Configuration Page

Now it was time for me to move and learn about website development. I quickly learned that ASP.NET is the framework that I can used. I also learned the importance of learning ‘Web API’. I watched couple of videos on it. The language was still the same i.e. C#. However, I had to use HTML as scripting language and Javascript as well to make my website more responsive. I was already familiar with HTML5 and CSS3. So, it was not a problem for me. However, I was not very confident with Javascript, I learned Javascript for about a week. This was the moment I learned that if you are expert with one language. You are already an intermediate developer in other languages as well, just study for few days.

So the passed away I created many sample websites. I got confident enough that I showed all my work to the IT departments under which I was studying. They were appreciating me, but somehow I felt like they were disconnected from the talent of mine. So, i decided to keep practicing my skills and keep looking for a company who truly believe that their company needs someone who is willing to sacrifice all his time for the beneficail of the company and someone who is a lifetime learner.

My journey is still going on. I am good with programming and I know the importance of time and skills. If you are a employer who is reading this. Thanks for giving me your time and effort of reading all this lines about my life. I am looking forward to update, and hopefully this would be a positive one. Thanks everyone.

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