What are you paid for? How to be successful?

We all have some dreams which we want to achieve. I have seen tons of people who are working day and night to earn money. Some people are working 16 hours are day just so they can earn enough money to support their families.

I am not against all these people, in fact I have a deep respect for all these hard working personals. Then I would ask myself ….. Why some people have to work 12-16 hours a day to make money that some people are making by working half of their time. So, some people have to work double amount of time and hard-work to earn the same amount of money as some people are earning… Who are these People?

Well these people are not different from us, the thing is that these people are working in companies or are self employed. But… why these people are making hell lot of money and some have to work 12+ hours a day just to support their families.

Understanding the pay magnet

Yes, to crack it down, you first have to understand what is the step that we are taking wrong. Well, the problem with some people is that they believe in hard work more than it is required. They think hard work is the only key to success. But, do you think doing labor 12+ hours a day is success? I don’t think so.

My experience and understanding says that we are not getting paid for our body, in fact, we get paid for our mind. Yes, mind is the key difference between hard workers and smart workers.

Lets break it down, you and your friends are working in a field of kiwi farms, your job is to pick fruits and fill the bins. You have a mindset that working hard is the only key. So, you work hard and harder, you keep pushing you body to the limit. Now, on the other hand, your friend knows the value of smart work, he thought what If I will learn the art of picking? He went to some professional picker who are working in that field for 10+ years. He then realizes that to be a fast picker you don’t have to be fast, but efficient.

Why this is a serious issue?

This is a extremely serious issue, many people I have met are constantly working day and night. They believe working more means more money. I totally disagree with their approach.

I believe, today you are paid for the knowledge you have. Thus, work on your mind everyday. Learn something new everyday. Let me give you an example and please read this carefully.

What is the difference between a senior programmer and a junior programmer. Many people would say, oh…the senior programmer is working for 3-4 years in the industry that is why he is a senior. But, this is not true. The difference between a senior and junior developer is not the years they had worked in a company, but difference between their minds. One person has more knowledge than the other.

If you follow this path of improving yourself and start to work on your knowledge rather than working for money. Money will certainly come to you, in fact if you are a smart worker, you will never run our of money. Companies will do everything they can for you to make sure you don’t leave. Because if a company is paying you USD 200,000 dollars per year, you are also benefiting the company with a million dollar annually.

So, start today, be a smart worker and work on your skills rather than working for money.

Microsoft HoloLens. A different approach

You might have already heard about Microsoft’s innovations. In the year 2008, Microsoft invested $8.1 billion dollars in R&D (Research and Development), which had increased to 14.7 billion dollars according to Microsoft annual report 2017. They constantly make and innovate different ideas and put them into reality. Microsoft Hololens 2 is what is believed to be the future.

What is HoloLens 2?

HoloLens 2 is the new version of their previous model of HoloLens. This is a type of glasses that take you to a rather technical advance world. When you wear these glasses you are able to see third-dimensional holograms that could be touched by hand. It allows you to hear 3D sounds and the fun part is that you can move those holograms the way you want by using your fingers. It allows you to see 3D moving objects into your 360 life, which makes these glasses an innovation.

What these glasses are used for?

There is no single answer for that but there are varies methods by which these glasses can or are being used. Different industries use this product for education which includes surgeries, and many other education systems. This glass enables effective learning especially targeted for the visual learner. These glasses can be used to improve some difficult skills without the need of real objects.

Business & HoloLens 2

This newer version of HoloLens 2 is targeted for business purpose. The idea behind this is that it can be used for conference or meetings. If some business owner wants to do a presentation in front of employees of different companies. They can use these glasses to physically see the hologram of the person doing a presentation.

Breaking language barrier!

Now if someone wants to do a presentation in a different language. This HoloLens 2 have smart language translator. You can speak in English and it will automatically translate it and speak with a similar voice tone for the speaker, making it a smart and effective device.


Microsoft is putting the effort into making today’s world technically advance. HoloLens 2 is clearly showing their vision to the world. This technologically advanced device has the potential to change the world. Imagine a world where a President of a country could communicate with the rest of the world with a visible shape right in front of them, along with different languages. Well. technology is surprising.

Have you own Standalone software

Today having you working software is a need. If you are looking to own your own working software then don’t hesitate to contact me. I will make your software which fulfills all the criteria you need.

If you are a company who needs to have a working software, I am experienced with software development. The software which I make are bug-free and responsive. I am sure you won’t be disappointed with me.

About me

Let me introduce myself first. I am an IT orientated person who has a great aspiration for life. I love to tackle problems heads on and I thrive under pressure. I have a different way of thinking and I know how to see both sides. IT was my passion from a very early stage of my life and now I am changing it as my profession. I am a self-taught programmer and I have done a Diploma in Technical Support and Diploma in Systems Administration. My vision is my power and I am looking forward for my vision to be utilized.

How will I make your software?

I use the .NET framework to make most of the project. If you are looking for standalone software, I will simply create you one using C#.NET.

What is C#

C# is a high-level programming language which is widely used today. I personally prefer to use this language because I am very comfortable with it. However, I can use Java too but C# is a good company with .NET framework

Where all your data will be stored?

For databases, I use SQL server which is an inbuilt feature of .NET. This server is widely used by almost most programmers today. I strongly suggest you have SQL as your database. However, if your software does not include a database. Sweet as.

Who am I targeting?

Let’s be clear here, I am working part-time for my survival. But I am a great passion for IT, so I want to practice my skills. So, if you are a big company who wants a complex software. I am a bad choice (In fact if you are a big company you won’t even bother considering me. But, just in case). I want clients who want software’s that will not take too long to complete. However, I am hella good at programming 🙂


  • You will have to send me all your requirement and what your software will do. Send it me via email.
  • The software I will make is standalone software, no servers involved.
  • If you have specific looks that you want to give to your software. Send it to me the photos of it.
  • I am not a company but a freelancer who is practicing his skills.
  • I don’t want to spend a huge amount of my time working on a single project, so, if you want a software that uses a server. Then I am not interested.

Contact details

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanveer-singh-rajpal-472867160/
Email Id – tanveersrajpal@gmail.com

Success Vs You! How to be successful.

Success is not something you can buy. It’s a same thing as respect, you can’t ask for it, but you have to earn it. It you are someone who believes that he is on the wrong track or someone who don’t know where to start. Follow through the blog and I assure you, after reading this you have your base ready on where you can start working.

What actually is Success?

Success is not a physical, chemical or visible object. It’s just the feeling of a person being fulfilled. In other words, you are the person who decides what success is for you. E.g. for a beggar, success would be earning enough money to buy a house and live a comfortable life, whether he don’t own a luxury goods but he and his family can live a satisfactory life. Now, if you put these same conditions to someone who already have a house, that does not mean he/she is successful. He might be going after a promotion at his job or building his own business, that would be a success for him. For me, success is to influence other people positively and marry my girl along with a stabilized income. So, success varies from person to person.

How me be Successful in your life?

If you truly want to be successful, you have to be serious about it. Look, it is very easy in life to be comfortable with yourself, and you must remember, comfort is no. 1 enemy of success. If someone ask you how is your life going?? and you respond like this….. “Yeah, its fine just the usual day. I just can’t wait for the weekends”. You certainly are missing what life is all about. If you want to fulfill your dreams and ambitions follow along with my top 5 rules.

Before I get into these so called rules, remember there is no rule for success but some paths which I am going to discuss below.

1- Learn to push yourself.

Now I get it, you don’t want to cook food yet, or that TV remote is too far away. But if you look at successful people, they have certain habits which they had practiced over many years. As Jim Rohn said;

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

by Jim Rohn

You must push yourself and ditch that procrastination you have been holding for many years. You wake up in the morning and you know you have some tasks to do today. Finish that first, you might feel demotivated at first to even start, but this will become a habit overtime. You will find yourself doing all the activities you hate with ease. So, always push yourself and your mind will accompany you along your way.

2- Know what works best for you.

I get you that you might don’t want wake up at 4 am in the morning as ‘Tim Cook’ (CEO of Apple) does. So, you have to find a way that best for you. You must know where you should be doing some adjustments in your life. You don’t want to keep working like a robot. So, if you feel like 5 am is too early then wake up at 6 am. If you think that the project is too tough to do then ask for a help from your colleague , and if you think that the work is getting too overwhelming, take a day off.

Remember you have to work with your mind and body, not against it. Doing small adjustments into your life can help you stay motivated, energetic and positive towards your goals.

3- Have a clear goal in your mind.

When you have a clear vision. You will automatically be attracted to it and you can’t resist yourself from working hard to make it a reality. I had met many people who talks like this….. “I can do ‘this’.. I can do ‘that’ too, but I don’t know where to use these skills”. So, set a goal, make a vision for it. A clear vision is crucial step towards your goals. Have a vision which defines you and your future.

How to have a clear vision?

Having a clear might be a skeptical thought. But trust me its achievable. First, make sure you are relaxed and sit down and write all your strengths and weaknesses you have. Then imagine a life where you will use all these strengths. Imaging yourself dumping down each hurdle that comes into your way. Be absolutely sure what you want to achieve in your life. There are many people that I had met who says I will try this job but if I don’t get it than i will do that job… This type of thinking will only bring complications in your life. Set one goal and keep thinking about it and be absolutely sure you will achieve it one day.

Practice and make your vision stronger and more clearer. You will start to feel the energy in your body increasing and you will be able to solve problems much easier.

4- Start small and climb your way up.

One of the biggest mistake that I find in people these days is that they expect to win the world in just a month. Remember that success is a pace game. Set your pace and keep moving. Always set small goals which are achievable within months. and remember to think big but start small.

The journey of thousand miles starts from a single step.

Whenever you set impractical goals, it is inevitable that you will fail to achieve them. When you fail you will start to lose confidence thus quitting it. So, it is very important to start small and work your way up.

5- Persistence is the key to success.

This is the most important point to practice. Persistence is a key which will help you to achieve your goals. Most of the people these days lack this vital personality trait, which results in failure. People usually try something for some days or week and even months, but if they don’t see a result, they will stop trying. So do something you are passionate about and never stop trying. Remember, big goals are not achievable in weeks or months, just keep trying

If something was easy. Everything would be doing it.

So, success is not easy game, but being persistence towards your efforts will surely grant you the success.

My happiness depends on you!!!!!!!!!

We all want to be happy in our life and we all find different sources to stay happy. What if I tell you, that you just need a phone to stay happy???.. Well this topic is pretty debatable, but if you truly want happiness in your life, please do read this all.

Nowadays, if you have a phone or any other gadget. You are happy!!!!!… Well that’s the way your world work. Children nowadays are growing in an era where having an expensive phone is a trend. If you don’t have an Iphone….. we will call you a loser. This mentality had came to the mind of the children because they follow Us!

Are we addicted!??

I will show you how much addicted we are. When we wake up in the morning.. what’s the first thing we do??…. Of course we check our phones. Then we will drag our-self to the toilet, but with a phone in our hands, just so we don’t get bored. Then we will make our breakfast and eat it while watching Youtube, and then we go to the work. What we do in the metro??.. We chat.. Ofcourse, and we make sure we don’t get bored. Now, you reach your office, you go to your cabin and sits in front of the computer by keeping our phones in front of our sight. Then after finishing up we go to the metro again and with a phone of course, and when we reach home, you open up the social media session.

Now, i would just ask you some questions..

  1. Are we going in the right track?
  2. Where do you think you will be in 5 years with this routine?
  3. Are you playing with your health?
  4. Do you think you are compromising your family over technology?
  5. Are you really happy????

We might pretend we are happy with out Iphone Max. But when you don’t have family and friends. Your phone will not give you affection. We have to understand that all these gadgets are just a machine. Smartphones are the biggest discovery of science yet a big disaster as well. We are now substituting people with Apps, happiness with Likes on social media , and love with brands. I am not criticizing technology, but it is our responsibility on how to use it.

What is true happiness then??

The purpose of this article is to find your inner self. We should not be counting how many followers I have on Instagram, but we should be counting how many true friends I have gained. Trust me with my words, the Iphone you have will get old next year and new one will be launched. True relationship will never get old. Due to our addictions, we are not able to see the beauty of this world. You can just make 1 true friend and you will be happy throughout your life. But gaining 1 millions followers on Social media will give you nothing but a happiness in your fake world.

True happiness is when your partner says you Good Morning every morning before your phone wakes you up. True happiness is when using the technology to call your girlfriend who lives thousands of miles away from you and still she loves you the same. So, learn to create trust between your friends and family. Your phone will only help you to create huge followers, but when you are in a state of emergency…. WHO WOULD BE THERE TO STAND BY YOU????

Please do watch this video below.

When Programming enters your life!!! Watch Out!

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I have seen people talking about programming as something superhuman. Majority of people today believes that programming is too hard to learn. It is not their fault, I have seen lots of videos on internet where a person would be just randomly hitting the keyboard and booo….. next moment the software is ready.

Well I assure you that, this isn’t the case

What actually is Programming???

Programming in simple term is the way of narrating the computer what to do. If you break down programming, it is the collection of instruction. These instruction work together and form the shape of a software. E.g. if you would like to make a car. You would have to work on individual compartments of the car like frame, Tyre, Motor, etc. All this compartments have been given individual instruction. However, when you put everything together, it will form a car. This is how Software is made, just put all pieces of instruction together and it becomes the software.

How to learn programming and should you really do???

Well the answer to this question varies, but generally speaking. Programming is the way of life, I recommend everyone should learn to code at some point in his/her life. Because it helps people understand how life works. You found a problem?? Well work and figure it out. You think you can run life without solving problems in your life?? Well, be ready for your life’s software to crash. One click for which you are not prepared and the consequences can be severe.

If we talk about how to learn programming and is it really worth it?.. The simple and straight answer would be ‘Yes’. How will you learn?.. I would not recommend to go and spend $19.99 on some packages sold online. Talking about my personal experience, education is freely available everywhere and we just have to find the right source. Youtube is a great platform for those who are comfortable in learning visually. I have met many people who just can’t read long tutorials to learn something. So, Youtube would be your best bet. However, if you are a good reader, there are tons of books available in the market for any programming language you want to learn.

You are stuck?? Go debugging!!

Programming is all about finding the problems and solving it. If you love to solve problems, programming would be your best bet and you can count to become a developer in your professional life. But, if you are a person who believes not to sit for 7-8 hours a day looking at your computer, this is definitely not your best bet to be.

Thanks everyone, I hope you like it. Please support me and subscribe. Do give me suggestions.

Email – tanveersrajpal@gmail.com

Here is the thing about 5G that you should know

Hello everyone, we all know that the technology is rapidly increasing. Though I still remember the times when I was using 2G network and 3G network was considered very fast. Time passed pretty quickly and today we are using 4G in our everyday lives. Today’s generation don’t know the hassle when you have to play YouTube videos on 240p video quality settings.

Now the research companies like 3GPP, ETSI, etc, had invested lots of money in the research of 5G Network.

What is 5G network

5G is a terms referred to Fifth Generation. It is more of a addition to the previously running 4G, also known as fourth generation. The main technology behind the cellular is the bandwidth and when we talk about 5G internet, it means bigger bandwidth and faster internet speed. So now you can download your favorite movies and songs much faster.

When will it be launched?

This technology had been already launched in some developed countries. However, the availability of 5G to the general public will take some time because it is still in its testing phase. It is estimated that this technology will rapidly hit the market in 2020. Varizon, a famous company of USA has started to supply 5G network in USA, but the availability is still in some limited areas.

Should I be worried about 5G?

There are many conflicts to the idea of bringing the new generation of internet in the market. Dr. L. Hardell, professor at Oncology at Orebro University in Sweden. He says that the telecommunication industry is trying to bring new technology into the market without doing the proper testing. He claims that the radiation affect of the new bandwidth will be severe and could be fatal. It has been already observed that current radiation level is on the edge and some species of animals e.g. Birds are getting affected by the radiation.

Birds have inbuilt compass which enabled them to communicated vast distances without the need of Google Maps. In some research, it has been concluded that the the radiation from the mobile towers are affecting the birds magnetic orientation. This results in birds getting separated from fellow group, which is also called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Due to radiation from towers, birds are unable to commute back home.

Final Words

No doubt that 5G might bring lots of fun in our daily lives. We would be able to download files faster and stream non-stop. But here is my Question. Are you sure we really need 5G? Do you think 5G is necessity of this world? Do you think 5G will not affect our health? Or is it just a race between countries trying to get the first hands on 5G.

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