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Microsoft HoloLens. A different approach

You might have already heard about Microsoft’s innovations. In the year 2008, Microsoft invested $8.1 billion dollars in R&D (Research and Development), which had increased to 14.7 billion dollars according to Microsoft annual report 2017. They constantly make and innovate different ideas and put…

My happiness depends on you!!!!!!!!!

We all want to be happy in our life and we all find different sources to stay happy. What if I tell you, that you just need a phone to stay happy???.. Well this topic is pretty debatable, but if you truly want happiness…

Here is the thing about 5G that you should know

Hello everyone, we all know that the technology is rapidly increasing. Though I still remember the times when I was using 2G network and 3G network was considered very fast. Time passed pretty quickly and today we are using 4G in our everyday lives….